Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day 2010

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Thing 1, Thing 2, Harry Potter, and the King....
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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Max and Sawyer turned 2!!!

Last Sunday Max and Sawyer had their second birthday. I spent the night before and day of thinking what we were doing two years ago. We could have never imagined the fun ahead. At some point I had imagined grand plans of a large celebration, but as the realities of busy lives happened, we ended up calling Patty to come over (as she is their favorite playmate), pulling frozen oatmeal zuccini brownies out of the freezer, putting a large scoop of icecream ontop with two candles each and we had two very happy boys. After a few runs of blowing the candles out, the little boys spent the rest of the night playing with their candles...the candleswent outside and in the bath. I didn't even wrap their gifts this year. I should have just left it at the candles...they were way more exciting than the toys I gave them. We love all our boys and can't imagine life without them.
Happy Birthday Max and Sawyer!

***Due to the fact that I dropped my camera in the ocean, their two year old pictures were taken on a disposable camera....which hopefully, I will develop before they turn 3:)

Cayucos Aug. 08

In August, we met the Suorsa's at Cayucos and stayed for a long weekend. The little boys have been to the coast twice before, but in the winter. This was their first time to play in the ocean. They LOVED it! Both boys went straight for the water even before we got their suits on. Unfortunately, Sawyer and I stumbled in ankle deep water and the camera went in. Therefore, theese are all the photos I have of the weekend, and I did not get any photos of Ben. Ben had a great time with Jack and Parker. He tried out the boogy board, built sandcastles, flew a kite, and searched for quite a collection of shells. We also fished off the Cayucos pier where someone caught a small fish, spent an afternoon wandering Cambria, went to an art festival in Morro Bay, took in Sacrament at the local ward, visited the elephant seals in San Simeon, and watched the people sailing on their surf boards (not sure what they call this). The highlight of the trip is the many times we saw dolphins. Evidently, there were 2 pods of dolphins just off the coast at Cayucos and we could clearly see them off the pier and as we were sitting out at the beach. There were also brown pelicans that would dive bomb into the water to catch fish....they were very fun to watch, and we saw sea otters too. This was a national geographic kind of weekend:) We had a great time.
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Max and Sawyer are finally learning how to touch Pepper nice. This is not an everday occassion, but it is getting better. Often, Sawyer is chasing Pepper through the house and swinging things at him. Max is more gentle in his nature and Pep trusts him a bit more.
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Sewing with Max and Sawyer

Recently I had my sewing machines out for a few days while I was working on some of Patty and my humanitarian aid projects. I had to sacrifice the thread so I could get my work done. Just Sawyer is in this picture, but both little boys spent a lot of time stacking, unwinding, and basically just reaking havoc on my thread. But it worked as a good distraction and I got a lot of cutting done for the pillowcases.
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I was playing with the camera the other day and Max was playing with this towel. He's just so cute I had to include theese pictures.
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